Cheating Bukowski

for Charles Bukowski (1920-1994) I just wrote a poemand I’m afraidBukowskimight have written it (well, it walkedlike himand the punch linehad the same knuckles) The sonofabitchwrote about12,000poems and most of themstick in your head.they come back laterwhen you’re on the crapper or writing, likeI was then. Then you go foryour Bukowskisand try to find thedamn […]

After Dickinson

One half of everything is true,The part that don’t depend on you –God made the part that touches ground,The half with roots, that reacheth down. The other part that fills the air,Which meets bright hope, or dark despair –Is like the limbs of that Old Tree,Whose height and reach extends from me.